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Nuclear Meltdown

Nuclear Meltdown is an addicting switching place game.
Your main objective is to produce energy by switching adjacent carbon rods placing 3, 4 or 5 in a horizontal or vertical row, which will cause a nuclear reaction, dissolve the carbon rods and produce an amount of energy.

In addition nuclear solvent can be used to dissolve a rod when you are stuck, or to score more points than just switching the rods.

When making a row of 4 or 5 rods additional solvents are provided.

All along the core temperature is rising, produce energy and it will fall.

Produce 100% energy and the temperature is reset and you can proceed to the next level.
Fight the ever rising temperature as the core gets hotter and hotter and reach your target of 100% energy, or face a NUCLEAR MELTDOWN.

extremely addicting gameplay
stop and resume functionality - simply press the red button while playing and select resume from the main window to continue the game
highscore - keep a proof of that sweet moment
sound effects
easy gameplay

This puzzle will keep you entertained for hours.

Trial version limited to:
- 1 level
- no stop and resume function

Requirements: Requires Pocket PC with a ARM, MIPS or SH3 processor and 400 Kb of available RAM

$ 3.00

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