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Nov. 9th. 2004

TK Solutions releases Santa's Workshop for Windows PC.
Today TK Solutions released Santa's Workshop for Windows PC. Santa's Workshop is available for $8.95 from ShareIt.

Nov. 6th. 2004

TK Solutions releases Santa's Workshop for the Pocket PC platform.
Today TK Solutions released Santa's Workshop for Pocket PC as a stylus controlled version of their popular Series 60 game. Santa's Workshop is available for $5.95 from Handango and PocketGear.

Nov. 4th. 2004

TK Solutions releases Santa's Workshop for Symbian Series 60, powered by MGS.
AALBORG, Denmark - November 4, 2004.
TK Solutions, a danish software developement company, today announced the release of Santa's Workshop for the Series 60 platform.
Santa's Workshop is an exciting Christmas based puzzle game. It builds on the concept of a classic switching place puzzle. As one of Santa's little elves. It's your job to make sure all the presents are nicely wrapped. You do this by arranging adjecent presents 3, 4 or 5 of the same kind in a horizontal or vertical row. You are working on time, so better hurry. Everytime you wrap some presents, you get a bit more time. Once you have wrapped a 100% load, the time is reset and you can proceed to the next level.

In case you get stucked, or just want to score some extra points, you can use magic
(after all, this is Santa's workshop) to wrap a single present. You do this by double-clicking the present. When you wrap more than 3 presents at a time, you will
receive additional magic. Wrap as many presents as possible, before the inevitable game over where Santa takes off.

Santa's Workshop features nice handdrawn graphics, a catchy soundtrack and addictive gameplay. It will definitely help you to get in just the right Christmas spirit.

Santa's Workshop is powered by MGS, an award winning game engine by Noumena Innovations. MGS have proven to be a superior gaming platform for Series 60, enabling games of a very high quality.

Santa's Workshop for Series 60 is available from such retailers as: Handango and ClickGamer for USD $4.99, and will shortly be released for the Windows PC and Pocket PC platforms as well. Check out for more information.

About TK Solutions
TK Solutions is a danish software development company with it's roots founded in the danish mobile telecom industry. TK Solutions have previously released puzzle games for the Pocket PC platform, Nokia's Series 80 (Nokia 9210 Communicator) as well as proprietary mobile operating systems. For further information check

About Noumena Innovations
Noumena Innovations was founded in early 2003 and has already established itself as a leading developer of console style games and games technology for next generation mobile devices.

The company's games, which are developed primarily for Symbian OS, Microsoft Smartphone and Windows CE devices, have won numerous industry accolades and recognition. The company has one of the largest and most diverse portfolios of game titles for Symbian devices. Popular games include: MGS Cobra Attack, MGS Karting, MGS Mad Macs, MGS Mobile VR Pool and MGS Mobile VR Pool 2.

The cornerstone of the company's success lies with Magic Game Station (MGS), an open game development platform and game engine that enable the development of feature rich games in a very fast and cost efficient manner. The high run-time performance of MGS is demonstrated through the support of rich 2D/3D graphics, smooth real time animation and fantastic sound and music. Online multiplayer games will be supported in the next upgrade of MGS due to be released shortly.

The company works very closely with leading terminal manufacturers, operators, developers and aggregators to enable them to differentiate their offerings.

Noumena's management team brings a wealth of experience from the gaming, technology and entertainment industries. Its development team is based in Beijing, China.


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